Game drive on Private Game Reserve combined with river cruise:


You will visit one of the most well-known Private Game Reserves in the area. Your private driver will pick you up at the lodge in the morning and take you to the Game Reserve located a few kilometers from the Indian Ocean.

Before accessing the Game Reserve, which is reached by boat, you will have the opportunity to visit the spectacular beach of this picturesque place. The adventure will start with your guide taking you on a river boat tour. You will have the opportunity to observe abundant bird life during the 13 km cruise up on the river course.

Once in the camp, lunch will be served along the river in a restaurant with true African style. After lunch, your guide will pick you up in a 4x4 vehicle to go on safari in search of the Big 5. This safari will end at sunset. Your driver will be waiting for you to take you back to the lodge after the activity.



Elephant Sanctuary


Located a few kilometers from our main lodge, is situated this Elephant Sanctuary where our guests can live the experience of interacting with these huge pachyderms.

The activity is a half day and you may choose to make the visit in the morning or afternoon.

The brave ones will start with a safari riding elephants through the

reserve. You will get within nature and being able to observe other animals from elephant eyes perspective. This safari will last between 40 minutes and an hour, depending on the wishes of our customers.

Back in the lodge after the ride, enjoy a walk with the elephants, watching closely elephant's behavior.

As a final part of the activity, you will feed the elephants with after the walk having opportunity to take many pictures and say goodbye to the majestic elephants. We will make a refreshing drink watching the sunset at the bar and then return to our main camp.



Addo Elephant National Park


This National Park, second largest of South Africa after the famous Kruger Park, is home to a large number of elephants having the densest population of the country in this specie.

Your private guide will pick you up at our base camp which is bordering with the National Park and take you to the main gate.

The day will begin with a brief visit to the visitor center, where you will get to know a little bit about the history of the park and its animals.

From here, you will enter the park for a photo safari before lunch; you will be able to see many elephants and many other animals as kudu, zebra, warthog, etc.

At noon, we will stop to eat, either in the park restaurant or making a traditional braai (customer's choice). After lunch, you will go again on game drive until sunset when park closes to the public.



Lion Game Reserve


This activity takes place in the afternoon. After lunch, your private driver will be waiting to take you to this reserve located a few kilometers from our lodge. Arrival at the Lion Park is scheduled for 2:30 pm. There will be offered coffee or tea while waiting to complete the check in to start activity. About 3 pm, your guide will pick you up in an open 4x4 vehicle and begin your photographic safari in search of the big 5 in the reserve.

By mid afternoon, there will be a break so you can enjoy having a drink or coffee while learning more about the history of the early settlers of the area and their traditions, in the small museum on the premises. After the break, you will return back to the 4x4 vehicle for the second part of the safari, which lasted until nightfall.

After the safari, you will go to the "boma" of the reserve, being the largest in South Africa. It is a structure of thatched roofs in pure African style with its fire place in the center. There will be served a traditional dinner based on "pooitjie" (A typical South African stew) made with game meats and vegetables. After dinner, you will make a short night drive with spotlights on the way out, having opportunity to see different game. Your private driver will be waiting at reception for you to pick you up and take you back to the lodge.



Spend the day shopping in Port Elizabeth


This will be open to customer suggestions day. Your private driver will be available when you ready to go to Port Elizabeth (city located at mere 100km from the lodge).

As suggestion, you will make a first midway stop at "Nanaga Farm Stall" shop where you will find traditional farm products and you can also buy some curiosities and try some typical South African snacks. From there you will go to the beach front, where you can shop in the traditional market or go to the curio shops and souvenirs.

You can enjoy a walk along the beach and then go to one of the largest and most popular shopping centers in the city "The Broad Walk" where you can continue shopping traditional handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, etc.

There you can choose between a wide variety of restaurants to eat and also try your luck in the casino if you wish. The mall has several attractions such as Ferris wheel, bumper cars, boats and recreational salon for the kids. In the evenings, they offer a show to the public where light, water and music dance all at the same rhythm.



Visit the local village


Accompanied by our team, you will visit a local village and see how people live in this part of Africa.

Your private guide will accompany you on a tour where you will visit the school, will see their houses and infrastructures and you will experience firsthand how lifestyle in these small towns.

You will have the opportunity to interact with the people, discover and share their culture and experience a unique experience for a day.







Visit to "Born Free" rescue center of big cats


The visit to the "Born Free Foundation center" of big cats has normally passes at 11 am and 3 pm. Your private driver will take you to the facilities where you will go on a tour and get to know the history of this rescued animals.

At this non-profit foundation center, you will see lions and leopards that have been rescued from various parts of the world. Each has a fascinating history behind it, so we are sure you will love to see them up close and know them better.

On the tour, a video will be played with the history of the foundation and an interactive presentation will be carried on for the kids in order to familiarize them more with the animals.





Horse Safaris


You can choose to make your horseback safari in Addo Elephant National Park in a Private Reserve or take a ride along the beach.

Depending on your choice, you will be taken to a location or another, where you can enjoy sightings of extensive African wildlife if you decide to choose a bush kind of ride or the fresh sea breeze and great views of the dunes on the Indian Ocean beach.

The excursions last from one hour to two hours, these times being expandable at client request.







Day of relaxation and spa treatments


For those who want to get spoiled, we offer a relaxing day at the spa. Your private driver will take you to the SPA facilities near the village of Addo.

There a team of professionals will devote all their attention on you so you don't miss anything. You can enjoy relaxing massages and treatments as well as sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, etc.

Our team will explain you in detail all available treatments to help you choose the ones you might prefer.







Game drives in the best Private Game Reserves in Eastern Cape

image10Family Hunting Safaris has concession to organize game drives in the most exclusive renowned Game Reserves in the area.

Your private driver will take you to the Game Reserve, where you will be welcome by specialized guide. Normally this activity takes place in the afternoon after lunch and lasts between 2 s and 3 hours.

During the safari, your guide will delight you with all kinds of information and interesting facts about the animals and plants in the region, so that you can take home an overview of ecosystems of the area and a lot of nice pictures.







In the Eastern Cape area, where will take place your safari, there are many golf courses where you can enjoy a good day practicing your swing. You can choose to enjoy a day of golf or we can prepare a tour for the enthusiast of this sport through the different courses in the area. Among others, you can play on the course designed by the famous Gary Player or courses with amazing sea views where you will play your ball between antelopes, each and every one of them with a particular charm and varying degrees of difficulty.





Tribal cultural Village experience: Xhosa hunting and fishing survival course


Do not lose the opportunity to learn how the Xhosa tribes has survived for centuries in the real African bush.

Learn about the completely different experiences based on the knowledge of the Xhosa tribes, as taught by their ancestors.

    • Medicinal plants.


    • How to protect your skin using clay and extracts from certain types of stones.


    • Old Hunting techniques, catapults, spears and how to make snares from wire or rope


    • How to build a traditional Xhosa shelter in the bush.


    • Religion believes-finding edible plants and drinkable water.


  • And much more!






Photographic Competition

Once the safari is finished our clients are welcome to participate in our annual photographic competition. The client must send to us the best three pictures taken in South Africa. Annual photographic awards are waiting for you!







Watching of whale, dolphins and penguins

Your private driver will pick you up very early in the morning to take you to Port Elizabeth Marine Club. The start time of this activity is scheduled at 8 am at the harbor, where a briefing will take place before boarding. During the 4-hour boat cruise through the Algoa Bay, you will have the opportunity to see dolphins, penguins, whales and seals. These marine animals may be sighted throughout the year having better seasons than others for specific species. The best time of year for this activity is from February to August, when all marine predators are following the large shoals of sardines migrating. Known as "The Sardine Run" this event is world famous and is a natural spectacle. Huge shoals of sardines, several kilometers long and few kilometers wide and deep, can be seen from the sky. Humpback whales can be spotted close to our shores during July and August and on migration their way back in December and January.



Fishing from the shore

If you want to go fishing and tide does not allow going on the boat or if you want to try a different type of fishing, we offer fishing trips from the shore. Our experienced guides will take you to the fishing spots where through the years they have had best results and they will help with the assembly of the equipment , tackle and bait, so everybody can enjoy a day of fishing without tangles regardless his fishing experience . For more experienced anglers, our team will put the surf casting gear at their disposal and they can learn new fishing techniques used in this area as the "non return slide".

You can fish from the shore or from the rocks using different techniques and baits, looking for different species of fish and large sharks.



dia en la playaDay on the beach combined with a river cruise. (Optional Fishing)

In the morning, your private driver will pick you up at the lodge and will take you to the coast. The day starts with a bit of hiking through the dense coastal forest leading to the spectacular dunes on the beach facing the Indian Ocean. During your excursion, while enjoying an atmosphere of tranquility and fresh air, you will have the opportunity to see the smallest antelope in South Africa (the Blue Duiker), barely larger than a hare. From the top of the dunes you will have a great view of the ocean from where you could spot whales and dolphins, which come very close to our shores from early June to October. After the walk along the beach, we will go to Port Alfred, a peculiar seaside town where you can enjoy a premium seafood meal. After lunch, a boat cruise on the Kowie River will take you through the Port Alfred Marina and upstream on the river. Our guide will offer you a refreshing drink along the trip making even more enjoyable the spectacular sunset views. When back into the Marina, your private driver will take you back to the lodge



Deep sea fishing

If you want to enjoy a deep sea fishing day, we offer fishing trips with professional skippers. Fishing experience is not required, so do not worry if you are not familiar with gear and techniques. Our guides and the skipper will always be at your disposal and help you with tackle and bait, so you only have to worry about reeling your fish in and enjoy the fight. The experienced skipper will take you to places known as the best fishing spots where you will do some bottom fishing. After a day of fishing, you can take your catch back to the lodge and enjoy a good dinner with your own fresh catch. The duration of the activity is 4 to 5 hours going out very early in the morning.



Freshwater fishing

In dams or rivers , looking for Black bass or carp and catfish . Enjoy an outdoors day fishing with your family and friends. We will provide you with fishing equipment and bait. We will also make sure you take with a cooler box full of refreshments. The best season for this fishing is from September to March , on our southern summer







Visit the Tsitsikama National Park

Visit with our guides, one of the most charming national parks of the South African Cape region. The park covers several kilometers of protected coastline with special beauty. A short hour and a half drive from Port Elizabeth is this jewel of nature where you can enjoy with your family and friends wonderful views during the tour. Walk on the hanging bridges over the cliffs, with a spectacular landscape. You can also take a walk through the dense forest and the more adventurous will have a chance to slip into the zip line.





Bungee jumping

For brave people, we offer guaranteed adrenaline by bungee jumping from the highest bridge in the world. You will face a jump over 200 meters of free fall that will test your courage. Do not miss the chance to make history as this bridge holds several Guiness records. The company in charge of logistics, has a history of 25 years without accidents and safety is the highest priority.






Visit to Grahamstown

Visit the famous town of Grahamstown with our guides. This town with lots of history and beautiful buildings was one of the main English settler's cores. Walking on these streets, you might feel like walking through UK on the early 1800´s. The town has many churches and a big cathedral. Known as the "saints town" or the "settlers city", Grahamstown is today a cosmopolite town where the famous Rhodes university with students from all over the world is based. This town is also well known for its annual Art Festival that takes place in July, been a big event getting people from all over Africa.



Helicopter and fix wing charters

If you want to enjoy a safari with bird's eye view, we offer the possibility of making an exclusive tour. You can fly over the coastline and can see from the heights diverse marine fauna or overfly private game reserves spotting antelopes from the sky. If desired, the pilot could pick you up at your lodge if you choose the helicopter o our private driver will take you to nearest airfield if you choose the plane. Give yourself an exclusive treat and enjoy a different excursion.





Sky diving

For the more adventurous who do not know fear and always wanted to know the feeling of flying, we offer sky diving. Your private driver will take you to the airfield, where a qualified instructor will give you the basics to make your first freefall jump. The jump is done in "Tamdem" with a harness hooked to your instructor. You will jump from several thousand feet high, with an average free fall of about 30 seconds. After the freefall, your instructor will pull the parachute and you can enjoy a slow descent of about 5 to 10 minutes with amazing views and a great sense of freedom . Half day activity



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